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tornadoes..... ravaging small owws on friday. the death toll, now at 39.most of the eaths in indiana and kentucky.and toniggt.... word tragedy. in indiana, a tornado's path of destruction destroyed trees and homes, emolished henryville high school -- and ripped apart school buses. a news crew captured this tornado as it struck. p water and power has beee restored hhre in henryville... but thousands of people in the midwest and south.... are cleaaing up....in the dark. adams says: ""his is total devastation i've lived here 28 ears i've never seen devastating."young says: "people are helpinggout andd helping their neighbors that's what 've been most strrck by." aerial footage shows across three counties.indiana governor mitch aniels, promising state assistanne.... had a direct message for people who lost everything. daniels says: "we love you.... we are with you. and if t isn't obvious enough... it's not just governmmnt these are your neighbors herr to help." residents in madison countyyalabama, learn the naaional weather service has upgraded the tornado there from an ef 2 t
of several to hit ss far 40-people have died..... and tonightt craig boswell is in marysville indiana where this twister wiped it off the map. map. boswell on cam top:familles here in marysville are sharing survvvor stories, while neighboring communities are mourning those who werr lost. forever it ll happened in a matter of moments.there's a new reaaity... here in marysville, indiana.a town ravaged by friiay's violent tornndo outbreak.it's an unnerving scene --- concrete slabs, where homes áusedá to be.some, just splinnered shells.stunned homeowners are digging thrrugh what remains. berniece andrews says: "yyu can't believe it ntil you see it with your eyes - just heartbreaking - hope nobody's under this rubbll."this amateur video -- was ssoo friday in pekin, indiana.those who saw it say the giant ssemed to grow in size by the miiute.snede says: "i couldn't take my eyes off of it, i couldn't even take cover. it was mesmerizing and scary at the same time."storms cut hoosier sttte...killing more than a dozen people.back in marysville, the sound of chainsaws are echoing across thi
in a muddy field. angel baaccck initially indiana... she as discoveredd with her family ii a field.her sister all died.ssnday ... - little angel mee the same fate... after bbing taken off life support.her grandfather shared his grief before-hand. (("if i do get to see her, my pastor is going to go in with me and we're oing to pray and p'' going to tell that little girl, i'm goinn to tell her that it's ime for her to meet her mommy and daddy." (breaks d) down)))mmanwhile vollnteeers are sttpping u to help ssorm weathee service coofirms at least 42 tornadoessswept across 10 states on friday. chopper crashing nats nats a heliccpter doing a television shoot in arizona... loses controo... crrshing nose- ffrst into the ground.take a look attunbelievable video. witnesses say the engine failed... causing the chopper to plunge straight down. amazingly... no one was hurt. a oman in hawaii says she was hummliated... when was asked to prove her breast pump was real ttan airport. 3amy strand says she was flagged for additional &pscreening... because of her electric breest feediig pumm. she
toniteáá... snow... covers left... by.../ brutal storms... in henryville,.../ indiana...///.áátwoáá tornadoes... hit the town,.../// ááincludingáá four,.../ ááwitháá winds.../ of... up to .../ 200 ááaáá... similar sight... across ten states.../ powerful systems.../ unleashed.../ 42... tornadoes.../ friday....//// áánearbyáá.../ an... entire family.../ of.../ 5.../ was killed....//// old... angel babcock,.../ - was.../ we've een through a lot, - can imagine. ore than anyone these towns ../ are... now focusing ..on áánationaláá - guard troops ... have beee deployyd.../ to... indiana and kentucky .../ áátoáá.../ assist... the areas... / &p harddst hit. an.../ astonishing.../ helicopter crash.. / caught ...on tape...///. tape...///..hopper crashing nats natswatch... as... the chopper... loses control.../ in... the... arizona desert,...// ááandáá.../ plummets... to the ground.../ áátheáá accident... occurred.../ during... a sh
's tornadoesshardest hht by last of the placcs ttis morning... one henryville indiana this orning... one of the places haaddst hit by ast the community of henryvvlle is coming togethee in an attempt tooggt past the pisaster. athena jones looks church steeple/amazing grace natswhy did this happenn i don't care. it did. at henryvilll community church in southern indiana, the focus is on healing...some of our folks could noo get in this have lost everything. many of pou have lost vehicles. ome 3 oo you slept in your garages last night... and the 80-member congregation in this small town is ggtting a lot of help from a disaster relief group and rdinary people.nnas of in...people elping load/unload, shouting orderri got here at 6am at dawn when they allowed us in and these guys were already here. they've had a couple semis that have come and have brought lots and lots of materials.from food and water to bedding and clothing -- phey've got it covered or faailies that lost everything in friday's storm.take whateverryou neee. we'll give you s much as you want...you & &pshe'll get yyu more boxes if yo
a tornado in indiana, sheltering them in hii mobile home.but it swept them away, ltimatell pilling all fiie, including 14-month-old angel babcock. miller urvived, but said he sawwdeath at his door."i put my arm kind of over angel and got her to get down, you know. i was liie down. i told her; i said, 'lay doww flat!' anddi just kind of reached y arms and said 'get in close! lay down flat!' that'sslike the only thing i rememmer saying, and i juut started praying."a mother in indiana successfully used her body to shield her two kids, but shh ended up losing one llg bove the knee and the other leg abovv the ankle."i was reaching around holding ttem, and trying to keep everything away from them so it didn't hit them.""i had in missourr gottsomething - precious back."an engagement &pring i gave my wife 10 years ago.""i was just kepp digging and digging until we got to where it was at. with all this sttff here. how do you find it?""i called her and she was senator mitch mcconnell says fema has started damage assessment in the hard-hit town of west liberty."we'll do everythhng weecan to try
eavy damage was also reported in other nearby states such as kentucky, indiana, tennessee anddkansas. and with meteorologists peaaing oreesevere weather could occur again anywhere froo mississippi to north carolina...authorities are urging caution. more than 200 injuries have been reported. ((2-shot ttss to weather)) 3 ((traffic reporter addlibs)) liis)) 3 33 3 bettee than botox? bbtox?the new cosmetic procedure that's making people lookssyears younger. ((break 2)) 3- many people spend a lifetime trying to turn back time.....many turn to botox and other cosmetic fillers to smooth ut wrinkles, but the f- beauty treatmenttthat appears ann it lastssa lot longer.ii our cover story, jefffabell examines the latest "wrinkll pn wrinkles." wrinkles." (23:31:57) "your bones are sticking out. your veins are sttccing out...." aa 62.....janet david ii determined.....too urn bbcc the handd of time. look like the hands of hee somebody who's in their sixties." so janet david is puuting her hands......in the hands offdoctor roberr weiss... (22:44:27) "is there any area inn pprtic
. dramatic video of a school bus in henryville indiana that had to outrun a tornado with nearly a dozennchildren on boaa. bbard..ou may remember this shot of the bus smashed into a building earlier thii month. here's what wws hppening inside... during that tornado. is pushed across the parking lot.. and then the road... before crashing into a diner. weee on that buu... audio piiks up thh tense moments pet them toosafety.ambles to - radio: henryville - there is a tornado on the ground.perry:: tornado on the ground, guys. book to put over your head, do &pit.. get in tte middle.))! 3&that river was that driver was able to get those kids off the bus and to before the bus is blown away. - a close call for a motorcyle rider... whose driving skills saved his life.it happened on look...you can see the car spiis out of control and came just inches away from hitting a motorcycle.what's nottso easy to see is how the driver of the bike responded so quickly.he didn't panic, he saw what waa happening and accelerated.aaazingly, averting disasttr. coming up on the early edition... they won
program 3 indiana after a second round of severe weather..... hitting much of the midwest and the sou. south.maaor damage also reported in northeast alabama.... houses were ripped apart when two tornaaoes tore counties.tens of thousands are warn more bad weather is still to come. they predict the storm will gee stronger... increasing the chance for more tornadoes... as it moves north and eastward lattr today. 3 --adblib weather tz-- 3 3 the health benefits of coffee....thh disease a hot cup can help fight off... 3&pamerica.../ its... top 13 .../ american idol... finaliits...//// ááandáá altimore's... own... hallie day... / &p iin't... one of them. them.two of you have made it top 10.. haalie you are not one of them unfortunately.. have a seat seatbefore the eliminaaion ryan seacrest asked judge jennifer lopez if she thought hallie was a shoeein ... and j-lo said that hallie's performance thhs week wasn't as much of a standout as she had oped. good news...// for.../ caffeine lovers..... áádrrnkingáá coffee...// áámayáá.../ help.../ battle.../
. at the white house, ed henry, fox news. áánationaláá guard troops ...have been deployed.../ to... indiana and kennucky .../ to... hell assist... the areas... hhrdest hit by violent storms. --storm nats- nats-39 people.../ are... dead.../// áásnowáá covers debris... left by.../ brutal storms... in henryville,.../ indiana...///.áátwoáá tornadoes... hittthe town,.../// ááincludinggá an... e-f...-four,.../ ááwitháá winds.../ of... up to .../ 200 mmles... per hour..../// ááaáá... siiilaa sight... across ten states.../ áwhereáá powerful systtms.../ unleashed.../ 42... tornadoes.../ friday....//// áánearbyááá../ an... entire family.../ of.../ 5.../ was killed....//// áásundayáá 14--onth old... angel babcock,.../ was.../ taken off... life support. -car screeching nats--- nats--- and this is not the way you want to start your morning commute. drivers were slipping and sliding onnblack ice in columbus, ohio. five car accidents were caught on tape in just thirty minutes... fortunately, no one was hurt. - 3 -
.../ , kentucky,.../ p indiana, .../ tenneesee... and kansas. 3this is just,,you don't 3 happeningg nd hitting so cllse to your family. 3 we haaeeto stay ssrong, we -3 have to tay vigilant. aa heartbreaking as ttis is for - all of us, and our hearts are 3 another storm... is fooecast & ...to trigger tornadoes .../ from the... ohio thru... the tennessee 3 beginning tomorrow..- 3 3 we... had pleanty 3 of sunshine... for the start of march. reid joins us now and lets us know what we can expect in the next few days. 33 baltimore's own hallie day.. rocked the stage last night on ameeican idol. idollsinging nats waitress peformed the standard..."feeling good".she got off to a dramatii, slow & startt.. and then vamped it up for powwrrul ending. the judges were unnnimous... abbut loving it. 3 you look like a ssar.. love slow staat a fee mmoments you lost control but got it back and did abeautiful job & jobtonight is the 3 seasons ffrst results show... the conestantsswill be narrowed down from 22 to 3 remember yoo can watch american
missouri, kentucky, indiana, - tennessee ann kansas.and the severe weather isn't ccmpletely over. another storm is forecast to rigger tornadoes from the ohio river valley through the tennessee river valley beginningg &ptomorrow. today... baby boomers are &pmourning the death f 60's icon, davy joness davy jones perforrance naas nats &pthis is video of his last televised performance... fromm may of 2011.the 66-year-old singer, a member of "the monkeess" died wednesday... of an apparent heart attack. says e thought of jones as a brother... ann that word of his death left him sppechlees. "yeah it's a shock right out of the blle. no onn ever suspected you know, you know what can you say, total shock i'm still just a little bit all."the hollywood chamber of commerce says flowers will be placed on the monkees' star tooay... in his honor. a deeication ceremony is being hhld today... forrthe new herman and walter samuelson children's hospital at sinai. sinai.the 23-thousand square &pfoot facilityyfeatures 26 all -rivate rooos.a ribbon-cutting ceremony is schedulld for 11 a- m.it will take place
.stephanie decker is recovering at a hospital in henryville, indiana.this is what's left of her home after &ptwo tornadoos blew through friday.but just before the devastation struck, stephanie movvd tt protect her 5 and 8 year old children-- covering them with a blanket to shield them from the all tte debrii. 3 i was reaching around holding them and trying to keep everything away from them so it wouldn't hit 'em." stephanie's legs were pinned by metal beams during the ssorm. doctors had to amputate one leg at the knee nd tte children weee ot injured. chaos.../ in... a massachusetts... courrroom.../ ááwhenáá ..../ a... murder victim's... family... / attacks ...their daughter's ...accused killer .../ --fighting nats- nats-you... can see... / the suspect ... being escorted .../ ááwhenáá two men... charge... him...//. áápoliceáá had,,, their hands full,,, trying to get the courtroom ,,,under control,,,.///... ááofffcersáá wrestled... the... two men to the ground,.../ ááhandcuffedáá and... threw them ouu .../// áátheáá hearing... for the murderr suupect.
in indiana, but was critically injured.her brooher and two-month-old sister were killed.a family friend deecribed finding them to c-n-n's susan candiotti. ""he man ann the woman were laying righh here beeind the saw mill and all three of the candiotti: "right in the muddy fieed. and one f the babies was still in a car sat? a what to sayy it's devastating. "died at aalouisville hospital sunday afternoon -- after being taaen off life support. her grandfather shared his grief befooe-hand.""f i do get to see her, my pastor ii going to gooin with me and we're going to ray and i'mmgoing to tell that little girl, i'm going to tell her thht it's time for her to meet hhr mommy and daddy." (breaks down) meanwhile, human--kndness was seen amiddthe death, mourning and destruction.alabama's governor praised volunteers for stepping up to help storm vvctims.it maaes me proud to pe the governor of a state where we have people like that. and kentucky senator mitch mcconnell toured west liberty, tough folks. they want to rebuild this town. they will rebuild this town. and we're going to help them." k
.the study is based on an online survey... put together by researcherssat indiana university.they found 3 and sexual pleasure when performing exercises that used the abdominal muscles... like weight lifting and yoga. 3 yyu don't have to be married to legally break-up 3anymore. anymore.a new poll shows a couples who live together are getttng prenupts.in fact... attorneys say they've seen an increase in the number of court battles between say the reason behind the increase is that a lot more or bypassinggit altogether....and tte lder pou get, the mmre things you have to 3 protect. 3 it looks like there could e a lot less lawyers in our country's future.theenumber of & people taking the lsat has dropped for the second straight year.the 16-percent decrease in tests for the 3 deccde.exxerts say these numbers show the legallmarket is innbad shapp and that degree doesn't meen getting a & job. 3 pe all know... most teens love 3 text.now a nnwwstudy shows juss how much. much.new ressaach from the pew internet and american life project finds the averrge teen ssnd
deadly tornadoes ii indiana...after the break clear and cold tonight... but temperatures are making a &pbig comeback...how warm it will get and how long it will skywatch forecast......in just 10 minutes ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone at southwest airlines works together for one goal -- to get you where you're going. and with flights all over the country to choose from, it's a good thing we love our work. and now we're excited to take you to the beaches of northwest florida. fly nonstop from bwi airport to panama city beach. book all of our destinations only at southwest.com. let me get that door for you... [ man ] i loved my first car... sometimes the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't. um... [ sighs ] [ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ male announcer ] for the road ahead, the all-new subaru impreza. ♪ experience love that lasts. police.../ are... investigating...// a... shoooing.../ in... wicomico.../ county.../ ááthatáá left.. .a.../ 4-year-old boy.../ dead.../ ááandáá.../ his... mother.
&take graphic - brokeredchristienew jersey governor chris brokereddaneilsindiana's mitch danielsatake graphic - brokeredbusghand florida's former governor jeb bush mentioned as "ddeam candidates" i'm joel d smith reporting. see all of the storres about the race for the white house on our website...go to fox- baltimore dot com... and click on the "vote 2012" icon in the news features section...all of the stories onnour website are ruuh limbaugh...// apologized to... sandra fluke.../ on... the air today../.áábutáá ásheá... appeared on t-v.... to... speak her mind. mind.last week... / limbaugh called her a slut... for speaking ...in favor .../ of... health care covvrage ...of... birth connrol pills...///.áásponsorráá began...dropping out of limbaugh's shoo....///he posted an apology... on his website.../ saturday../.ááandáá' talked... about it... on his show today....//ááflukeáá wasn't... buying it. "the apology was hearttelt, the apology was sincere." "i don't think a statement like this where he is saying his choice of words was not the best, uh chang
of a chool buu in henryvilll indiana that had to outrun a tornado with nearly a dozen children on boaa. board.you may remember this shot of the bus smashed into a building earlier this mooth. here's what was happening is pushed across the parking before crashiig into a diner. just 3 minutes earlier... 11 children were on that bus... auddo picks up the tense moments when the driver scrambles to get hem to safety. radio: henryville there is a tornado on the ground.perry: tornado on the ground, guys. puiet!perry: if you got a book to put over your head, do it. get in the middle.))! safety... just three minutes before the bus is blown away. rider... whose driving skills saved his life.it happened on a texas highway..... highway.....take a look...you can see the car spins out of how the driver of theebike s - responded so quickly.he didn't panic, he saw what was amazingly, averting dissster. it's tte maryland traffic stop seen 'rounddthe world. world.((1:05 batman, da da da da da da 1:08)) 1:08))the offiiers' reaction to pplling over the dark dash cam video... coming up. up.plus... the com
... the huge neáá - tornado... that tore through... southern indiana...///. ááevenáá with... the shaky... cell phone video.../// the bllck, .../' twistiig debris.../ ááblacksáá out... the landscape..../// áátheáá national... weather service.../ has... confirmed... at least .../ 42 tornadoes .../ struck ...ten states .../ in... friday's... storms alone. 3 a midairrmanicure lands one in handcuffs. why one ppssenger is chipping her nails on cell bars. the world's most expensive chicken nugget. why this three year old happy meal reject sold for over eiggt thousand dollarss 3 3 3 3 mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. you keep your receipts in plastic baggies? what are your monthly seriousl
a tornado in indiana,, heltering &pthem in hii mobile home.but i swepttthemmaway, ultimately killing all five, including 14-month-old angel babcock. saw death at his door."i put my arm kind of ovee annel and got her to get down, you know. i was likeedown. i told her; i said, 'lay down lat!' and i down flat!' hat's like thee and i just started prayingg"a mother in indiana successfully used her body to shield her two kids, but she ended upp aad the other leg above the ankle."i was reaching around holding them, and trying to 3 keep everything away from them so it didn't hit them.""i had two sseel beams n my legs, and i couldn't move. i was stuck."and a man in missouri got something precious back. "an engagement ring i gave my wife 10 years ago.""i was just kept igging and digging until we got to where it wassat. with all this stuff here. how &pdo you finn it?""i called her and she was crying."meanwhile, kentucky senator mitch mcconnell says fema has staated damaae assessment in &pthe hard-hit town of west piberty."we'll do everything we can to try to help these livess"i'm greg black ir
was ravaged by a tornado with wwnds of up to 170 peetucky, indiana, tennessee - and kansas. lumber... boats... and other &pdebris ripped from japanese coastal towns by tsunamis last year could wash ashhre on the west coast of the u-s as early as a ááeará from now.the debris has already spread across some 3-thousand miles &pnational oceanic and .tte atmmspheric administratioo estimated the first bits of psunami debris will make landfall soon on small islands northwest of hawaii. other pieces are expected to reach the coastt of oregon.. washington state... alaska and canada between march 2013 and march 2014. the grocery store meat counter wwll look a little shoppstarting today... it will - nutritioo labels on raw meat. the new rule affects aal ground meat and poultry... as breasts, pork chops, steaks - and lamb.the labels will include calories, protein, cholesterol and sodium. (((pat))) a prince georges county councilwoman got out of a big tickett... that anyone else áwouldá have gotten. she was onn the beltway going 115-miles per hour in a 55-mile zone. the offic
dramatic video of a school bus in henryville indiana that had to ouurun a tornadoowith nearly a dozen children on boaa. board.you may remembeerthis shottof the bus smashed intooa building earlier this month. herees what was happening debbis swiils.... and the bus .- is pushed acroos the parking lot.. and then the road... before crashing into a diner. earlier... eleven children were on that bus... audio whee the driver scrambles to get them to safety. radio: henryville - there is a tornado n the ground.peery: book !perry: if you got a ss to ppt over your head, do it. gee in the middle.))! that drivvr was able to get those kids off the bus and to safety... just three minutes peeore he bus is bloww away. cooing up... theyyre dancing their way to the top.see some of the routines at the national dance pport championships... bbfore the judges... next in ouu wn hotspot..- ((break 1)) 3 3 3 3 &p 3 3 3--national dance sport championships... happening todaa...--ken richards is live with the details on this p-largest amateur competitionn in the country...more thaa 1200 qualiiied competitors -
of the indiana; how do you cross over and persuade people you know, you can be trusted and that you share their values? >> in terms of reaching out to independents. >> chris: no, reaching out to the base. who would you tell romney to do? >> be himself and say i am fortunate to be successful and i made mon yei may not be the most natural person on the political stuff but i know how to get jobs and run the economy. i will being for you. he needs to relax and be mitt romney. people are wonders is the authtent tick mitt romney moderate who served massachusetts or the arch conservative who is competing for the nomination it reminds me of the line. the key is sincerity. once you learn to fake that you have that. what does he do? >> i like being himself and a point in the michigan speech. his victory speech in michigan forward toward the end. will my children be able to compete in the world and will we have america we want to have? he did the big picture and the media, of which quee are part. it is like a football. they keep raising the bar. even if he wins, the headlines don't say he won. it ro
. look at this amazing cellphone video captured ii ew pekin, indiana.the national weather service says at least 42 tornadoes strucc 10 states on friday.the storms killed 40 people... including 13 in winehouse nats natsamy winehouse's father is leadinn a crusade in the singer's native england... to make drug education a required part of the school curriculum there.mitch winehouse is teaming up with a drug education foundation to collect enough signatures to make it llw.amy winehouse died last year after a public battle with drug and alcohol addiction. that brings us to our question pf the day:should drug education be a mandatory part of a school curriculum?phonn lines are pen now.call 410- 481- 4545. you can lso go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think... sound off throogh facebbok... or end us a tweet at foxbaltimore. two police officers in oregon aae rewarded for rescuing a man out of a ((pause for nats)) copeland and officer rodney bamford were awarded the city of keizer's medal of valor. their act of heroism was caught on the police cruiser's dashcam. the even
at the hospital and police say also been injured. have - 3an indiana mom is in trouble with police after hee 3- year-old started her car and crashed into a bus. bus.it haapened around 5:30 on wednesday.the driver of a bus noticed a grey buick beginning to roll backwaads with no one inside... or so she thought.the buick... crossed both lanes of traffic... and hht the driver's side of the bus.whenn the driver walked ver... she drivee's seet...with his two year old cousin in the back... reporter: "you turned the keys on the igniiiin?""yeah."reporte" reporter: "did you daddy tell you knot to drive the car nymo" anymore?"the child's mother had gone into a nearby store... and left the keys in the car.police rrested herr and the kids werr turnee ovvr to her boyfriend. the older you are... the better youlis n the "sleee journaa."researchers ducted a phone survey of more than 150-thoussnd dults in the u-s. they found sleep quality gets better with age... ith the only exception being of those in tteer 40's.those in their 88's reported aving the best sleep. 3 mitt romney hopes to keep up his winni
exercise has the same effect as sex... for some women.the survey... put together by researrhers at indiana university.thhy found that women experienced ppeasure when performing exercises that used the abdominal muscles... like weight lifting and yoga. comiig up... does this sound like what youá do... with old ? electronicss"you have a basement, and you just keep puttiig it down there." there."where you ccn go... to cash innon them.and he two gadgets... that get you the moot back. (romney last sot) "these ppncakes are about as large as my win in puerto rico last night. i must admit. the margin was jjst about as good." good." and he's savoring a big win in puertoorico... but there's still a long road ahead.the hot topic mitt romney and rick sannorum are now butting heads over... fox 45 morning news.. all g - local.. all morning. ((break 3)) ♪ there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. tidy cats premium line of litters now works harder to help neutralize odors in multiple-cat homes. and our improved formula also helps eliminate dust. so it's easier than eve
of the indiana town's school was tornado... so now the school studeets n temporary e classrooms.. as early as next week.one teenager says she's ready to get back to class. ((i think it's good because i'd rather be back in school than not be in school and doing nothing all ay.)) day.))despiie the heavy damage to the school... the district in the old building again by the start of the next schooo year. new parrnershipp between american express and twitter is something to tweet about.amex users who sync their cardsswith twitter will be able to unlock discounts by tweeting hashtags to aselect group of participating merchants.among the companies taking part in the new offer.... whole foods... it'ssthe battle of the booties between the young and old. old.to get teens to pulllup their saggy pants... four north carolina women made a video spoof of themselves wwaring adult diapers with a modified backside to look like thong underwear.these ladies threaten to release this viddo &pif the kids don't comply.. "they can't walk and thhy look like they have on sizee50 they like it if their grandmothees
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